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Writers Theatre

Written by Claudio Valdes Curi and Monica​ Hoth

Director Claudio Valdes Curi

Lighting Designer Alexander Ridgers

Photo Credit  Michael Brosilow

Quixote On the Conquest of Self; Costume Design; Costume Design Chicago; Knight Armor; Recycled Armor;
Theatre Design


The Hawk Chicago" Sanja Manakoski’s costume design for Quixote was incredible in its intricacy, crafting armor that looked traditional at first glance but, upon closer inspection, revealed modern elements weaved throughout. Beer cans, for instance, make up one of the plates, with license plates filling in a gap elsewhere. The effect perfectly blended the show’s classic vs modern aesthetic. "                                                                                               

Conversations with Ed Tracy " Sanja Manakoski has created an ingeniously adaptable costume design."                                                                                    

Daily Herald "And Godinez amazingly does all this in costume designer Sanja Manakoski's grab-bag suit of armor -- made up of slogan buttons, bits of old tires, cutup license plates and more to symbolically reinforce how the well-traveled "Don Quixote" has survived through the ages."


Chicago Stage Standard " It is exciting to see him (Henry Godinez) hurl his body through space in Sanja Makakoski’s magnificent found art steampunk armor costume of Budweiser cans, pop tops and license plates."


Chicagoland Theater Reviews "Godinez introduces himself to the audience dressed in a medieval suit of armor that visually captures the fictional Don Quixote in all his deluded splendor... Sanja Manakoski designed the costumes."


Chicago Tribune " Godinez is kitted out in metallic, timeless knight-trashheap attire that includes beer caps, bent license plates and other detritus. " 


Around the Town Chicago" Godinez is absolutely “stunning” in his portrayal of this character that has been around since the 1600’s." "...Mr. Godinez’ costume (Sanja Manakoski) stunning..."


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